In our small apartment during the summer, the windows that give us the most problems are those facing the East and West. The glare comes into our kitchen during the morning and bounces off our tiled walls. The window facing the west is even worse as the UV penetrating rays of the scorching sun starts firing into our living room. So we close our curtains to keep things cool, but quite frankly it can feel claustrophobic. Luckily, there is a solution that can still save you energy and give you sanity.

Here are 5 reasons why we’d recommend getting window tinting films for Hong Kong apartments and where to buy them:

Reason 1: A Better view

Closing the curtains all the time is well, a downer. In fact as I was walking around the neighborhood, I saw the face of an entire apartment complex all with their curtains drawn and with an extra layer of car shades. Windows are meant to take our eyes out visually, spacing things out in our tiny abodes. With window tinting films you don’t have to always be closed off to the outside world.

Reason 2: Significant cut in cost for cooling your home

Just by deflecting the powerful hot rays of the sun, your A/C unit won’t have to work as hard to keep you cool in the 33 C/91 F humid summers of HK.

Reason 3: Natural light

If you close your curtains you might have to turn on your lights on during the daytime, costing you electricity. With window tinting films, you still get the gorgeous natural light, without the added heat.

Reason 4: Protection from UV rays

We all know the harmful effects that UV rays have on us, but do you know the damage it causes on our furniture? Your upholstery fades and your wooden furniture or floorboards may dehydrate and crack. Remember treating the items in your home well ensures longevity.

Reason 5: Reducing glare

Have you had times where you can’t see the TV or your computer screen because of the glare from the sun? Window Films will dramatically cut down glare and give you a pleasurable viewing experience.

Where can you buy window tinting films?

We’ve seen 3M Window Films sold in Wing On Department Store. They occasionally have a salesperson and samples for you to look at.

Sorry for the poor quality (desperately need to get a new smartphone)

But we can’t say this enough, visit your local bric-a-bac store as we found some generic ones and they come with a table of how much light it can block. If you are wary of a generic brand, you can always buy one to test on a small section of your window because it’s easy to remove.

So while tall white/light curtains or shades are good, with an added layer of window tinting films, you can still stay cool but also enjoy the view!

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