Two of the biggest problems when moving into a small apartment here is actually fitting your bed in your bedroom and having enough storage space. So you decide to find an interior design firm to help you out. But this can get really pricey really fast. Some places will just flat out ignore you as we have experienced this before. Luckily, there are few places where you can customize beds affordably for your Hong Kong apartment.

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Customize your bed your way

Takad Furniture is a local brand that has been around since 1981. The great thing about their business is that they are able to cut out the middleman, which means low prices. They keep things simple and minimal – focusing on function. Just go in there and tell them your requirements and they can make it happen. If you don’t go that route, their standard furniture on offer are all very reasonably priced too. Not to mention all their products are made of real pine or alder wood, not OSB or MDF.  When we visited, we found the experience quite nice and helpful.

Wooden trundle bed with 3 drawers


Sofa Sale offers a nice range of upholstered beds that adds a touch of luxury. It’s more expensive than Takad, but their price range is sensible. We customized a thin hydraulic lift bed here and it has been a real benefit for our bedroom. We were fortunate enough to have our mattress customized here as well, which really saved us the hassle of going to another place.

beige hydraulic lift bed

Customize your mattress

Seahorse. Let me clarify, Seahorse DO NOT customize beds. They do however offer a good range of beds with storage options, including a few hydraulic lift beds at affordable prices for your small apartment.

What we want to emphasize here is their mattresses. I mean, they started as a mattress company in Hong Kong since 1986. They have many options to choose from and you can customize to your needs. From baby sized mattresses to mattress sizes that aren’t your standard single, double or queen – they can do it for you. This place is also good for those who have bought a bed second hand and need a new mattress. Their prices are very reasonable and they have many locations in Hong Kong.

Seahorse mattress

In Hong Kong, finding the right furniture for your small apartment can get really frustrating. Every nano-meter counts! Luckily there are a few affordable options available for us all.

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