Space is only appreciated by those that don’t have space to spare.

We are a blog that offers solutions and products for small space living. To all urban dwellers out there, the ideas that are presented here offer you some food for thought and give you an appreciation to how multi-function and aesthetics can make living in a small apartment feel BIGGER. Clear your clutter and clear you mind!


We think its fitting that our first entry here pays homage to our Chinese heritage-Chopsticks!!!.  It first surfaced during the Shang Dynasty(1766-1122BC) and was originally used as a cooking utensil for stir-fries. As you all know it has stood the test of time and our beloved pair of chopsticks can be used to cook, skewer, pick up pieces of food, beat eggs, and even whack you across the wrist by your grandma if you try to sneak a bite to eat before the start of dinner!!

Who would have thought that two sticks of equal lengths would be so multi-functional, space saving and timeless?

Chopsticks and bowl of rice

We look forward to providing you all with more space saving products in the near future.

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*Updated May 2018