We are constantly surrounded by concrete. You would be lucky if you get any form of greenery from your view outside your window. That’s why having a plant or two is valuable as they bring a bit of nature and calm to your home. In previous posts we featured the best planters for small apartments and even wrote about the best indoor plants as well. Here is an update for two wall friendly options.

Muji Wall Mounted Plants

We love Muji for so many reasons and when we saw their new line of planters, we love them even more. They come in three different versions and a variety of indoor friendly plants. The plants are also rooted in Pafcal (planting foam) rather than soil, which makes the planter lighter in weight and cleaner to maintain. We weren’t kidding when we said it’s really light weight because when we held them in our hands, instantly we were thinking adhesive strips/nano suction tape. A definite renter friendly option.

Muji wall planter on wall

The planters can also be placed down horizontally for those with a bit more footprint. You don’t have to worry too much about watering concerns either because they all come with a water indicator.

Muji wall planters on wall and on desk

Check out the tiniest version of the Muji planter, as they come with a magnet attached to the back! Goodness are you seeing the DIY potential the way I’m seeing it? They range from 78HKD to 278HKD. We think it’s a great buy and we really need more products like this in Hong Kong, specifically geared towards our small dwellings. Go check out MUJI today!

Muji planter with magnet attached on the back


A cute and lifelike planter that will make any window look great. The power of nano suction keeps them on windows and walls. However, you can stand them on your desk or table if you please. Livi is a more conventional pot and soil based system. So it makes it easy to buy any type of plant you want for your adorable planter. Be warned though, the cute planters will have your neighbors always peering in & admiring your mini window garden : ) Livi was a kickstarter campaign so you’ll have to subscribe to their newsletter to receive updates. We are hoping to hear from them soon.

Green livi attaching on window


Hope these two examples can provide you all with a bit more greenery in your small apartment. Are there any other planters that you have found that are wall friendly and require no drilling? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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