When we moved into our new apartment, one of our major concerns was that we didn’t have space to fit all our previous kitchen appliances into our new space. There are certainly no shortage of restaurants in Hong Kong, but my wife and I cook. So we set out to find something that can cater to our kitchen needs.

Rice Cooker

White panasonic mini rice cooker

The rice-cooker is a staple in any Asian kitchen but we found our old one to be too big for our new place. We couldn’t believe this ourselves. We experimented with cooking rice on the stove top, but it just caused us more stress as we had to monitor the rice closely, making sure it didn’t stick to the bottom of the pot. We got one of the super miniature variety from the neighborhood department store. It’s able to cook 3 cups of rice; that is more than enough to cook for two and still have plenty of rice left over the next day. Every rice cooker practically comes with a steam rack nowadays, so you can add your veggies/pork patties while steaming rice at the same time. Don’t just limit yourself to rice, you can make soups, soupy noodles and even mac n cheese. Living in Hong Kong totally reminds me of my dorm days in college!

Combination Microwave Oven

One day as we were strolling through the mall, we came across an oven that can grill, bake, and microwave. In fact, before we made this discovery we accepted the fact we wouldn’t be able to make toast for breakfast ever again. Luckily we found this and have been unbelievably happy with it! We chose the flatbed version of this Panasonic (via Sogo, Broadway, Jusco…) so we can freely roast a chicken or microwave a frozen dinner when we’ve had a long day at work! This one costs 2300HKD, but there are other variations that are in the 1000HKD range. I have to be honest, I was intimidated by this thing and absolutely scared that I’d press the wrong button! But, so far it’s been pretty easy to use and it has helped us not only save space but time as well!

Sure, we had to give up our old appliances but we were lucky to find people who wanted them as they were still perfectly fine. Bottom line is this: think about what kitchen appliances you use most and invest on something that is adaptable to any space and the number of family members/housemates you live with.

For those who cook, what appliances have been helpful to you in small spaces? Leave a comment below.

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