We can always use a bit more storage. Sometimes it’s not the big items, but the little things. The hand creams, the cell phones and in my case – an extra place to put nappies for the night time. So what do you do when you are out of storage ideas and have no footprint left to put storage? Wall storage. Here are three renter friendly wall caddies for extra storage.

3M Command Bath Wall and Cabinet Organizer

So we have been using 3M for quite some time and they are just old reliable. As long as you follow the instructions for application properly, then you are set for a long time. High wear areas are the kitchen and bathroom. What that means is you’ll need to clean and reapply a new adhesive strip because they will fall due to the humidity and oil splatter. Ours in the kitchen took about 4 years to lose it’s grip. The benefit of 3M is that all you’ll need to do is buy new adhesive strips. We think the option below looks pretty good and is a good solution when you have no bedside storage.

Sandra magic Sticky Basket

The power of nano suction. It’s pretty cool to witness. Just think of how salamanders walk up the walls and you’ll understand. Okay, so I’m not sure if they work the same way, but you get my point. We have this in our bathroom because we need a place to store our bath soaps. You can remove it and wash it and reapply once again. However, because the nano suction plate easily  picks up dust, the grip might not be the same after initial use. Even though it’s reusable you should still be careful taking this off any painted surface. You can find this in PriceRite.

Perch by HoneyCanDo

We love this system very much and we’ve been following them for a while. It’s modular, it’s renter friendly and it is flexible in it’s usage. They now have a few more products and its range and different color palettes to there caddies too. Unfortunately you can’t find this in Hong Kong. We were able to find this on AMAZON and they do offer shipping to Hong Kong, which doesn’t make this cheap. But we do think it’s worth it when you seriously lack space.

There you have it three nail free wall caddies for extra storage


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