It’s a no brainer, storage is SUPER important in Hong Kong. Look, you can Konmari all you want, be a minimalist, but you will still need storage here in Hong Kong. So how can you add more storage without affecting your footprint. Try adding a platform! Here are three places to visit if you want to add a raised platform in your Hong Kong apartment

Start with Hydraulic Piston Beds

My bedroom is 9 feet by 11 feet and we bought a hydraulic piston bed from Aeon Style for added storage. You can now also find them at really affordable prices from Pricerite and Ikea. When our two little girls arrived, my wife and I decided to make the entire room a bed. We found SofaSale to help us custom make a hydraulic piston bed to put beside our old one. This not only is a place for all of us to sleep, but it turned into an extra play area for my girls.

Space Cube from Pricerite

Modular platform storage. How awesome is this. Maybe if this product came out a bit earlier, I might have converted my master bedroom and outfitted it with this system. Of course I’ll have to measure everything like crazy and probably get an extra mattress custom made. But this brings floor storage to another level.  Since it’s modular you can buy whatever width, depth or height as you know. Play around and start building folks

Go to the Experts

If you just don’t have time to measure and outfit your room, then spend a little more money and find the experts. They will measure and draw things up to your specification. We have read and heard great things about Joca Living Concepts. If you visit their website and visit their facebook page,  you’ll see countless examples of how they can turn your whole room into a storage platform. 

For a lot people here in Hong Kong, it’s all about raising the floors to add more storage. There you have it, Three places to visit if you want to add a raised platform in your Hong Kong apartment.

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