When living small, it’s a challenge storing your mop, broom and vacuum cleaner. Sometimes they are too big to be stored neatly away and you have no choice but to store them where you can unfortunately see them. They aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing so you just end up dealing with it. However, recently more brands are coming out with products that cater to small space living. In this post we’ll be showing you three combo vacuum cleaners that look good and save space.

The LG Cord zero Drive Mop

There are a few things that we like about this product.  Firstly, it comes with many attachments that cater to different uses. Second, the fact that it can come with a wall attachment or stand is a great option for renters! This product comes in different colors and we thing it looks great. The better things look, the less you have to worry about storing things where it’s visible. You can find this in Fortress or Broadway. 


Philips Power Pro 3-1

Another great option that also mops and vacuums. It also comes with two attachments (although less than the LG) and a wall attachment to hang the machine. However unlike the LG, the Phillips Power Pro 3 in 1, doesn’t come with a stand nor does it come with extra fittings in the wall attachment for the different nozzle heads. Regardless, because it’s multi-function, it helps you save on space. We think it looks pretty darn cool as well, so storing it where you can see it, isn’t an eye sore.

The iRobot Braava and Brava Jet

When I see robotic vacuum cleaners I think they’ll always miss some spots. But actually technology has advanced a lot where they can actually clean more efficiently than us. So why not give them a chance and start with iRobot(true originators of this tech). The Brava 380t comes with an internal reservoir to store cleaning solution and teched out mapping precision. While the Braava Jet comes with three types of pads (wet, damp, dry(kinda like sweeping up dust) and has a spray feature. Obviously it saves the most space and is the most out of sight. I can imagine this being a great product for busy professionals or people who just don’t like cleaning. I wouldn’t recommend it to parents with young children. My little ones will definitely think its something you can ride on.  One more thing, this product is to be used on hardwood floors


When living small, even our regular household appliances have to cater to how we live. Luckily there are more choices out there and the products mentioned here might sway me to upgrade my current vacuum and old school mop and bucket situation! So there you have it, three combo vacuum cleaners that look good and save you space.

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