I was lying in bed and had finally put my eldest daughter to sleep. With some down time to myself I started browsing through Instagram and came across an advertisement by a sleep products company called Hush Home.  Browsing through their website, the All-Season Duvet caught my attention. It sounded too good to be true, so I wanted to learn more. After visiting their showroom in Quarry Bay and learning about the company’s ethos, I came away convinced that this duvet is truly unique. Here are three reasons why this one duvet is perfect for Hong Kong apartments.

It’s Space Saving

Founder Rick Chen explained how Hush Home identified a problem when developing this All-Season Duvet from user interviews

“Many Hong Kongers kept two duvets: one on the bed and one in storage. This was frustrating, because most Hong Kongers have very limited storage in their home…So we set out to solve the problem.”

This is so very true. I dedicate a large chunk of space in my hydraulic lift storage bed for seasonal blankets and linen. In fact I store them in vacuum bags just so I can squish them underneath my bed. With this duvet, I will have room to spare! 

Hush Home white all-season duvet

It’s Made for Hong Kong’s Climate

Hush Home also identified another problem Hong Kong people were experiencing with duvets:

Winter duvets were too thick and summer duvets were too thin.”

We couldn’t agree more. The spring and fall time can get real tricky here in Hong Kong. When you go to sleep, you want to have the windows open because the temperature outside is a comfy 18-24 degrees. But with city living comes the noisy buses and construction. So you close the windows. What happens then? For me, it starts getting too hot to sleep in my winter duvet and I get sweaty fast! So unfortunately I turn on my A/C, even though it really is not necessary. That’s why this product is such a game changer in our eyes because you can use it all year round! The key is their hypoallergienic microfiber fill, which mimics the insulating properties of natural down yet still offers breathability. 

Hush Home All-Season Duvet Microfibre Fill

You’re Getting Quality for an Affordable Price.

I love when products are clearly explained and transparent in it’s design process. This duvet is backed by sleep science and hours of research. And for the product to be sold at only $780 HKD, we think it is absolutely worth it! Think about it, that’s the price of a meal out with a family of 4 at a western restaurant. Why wouldn’t you spend that money for a duvet that will help you sleep more comfortably for 365 days out of the year?

Hush Home White All-Season Duvet

It’s refreshing to meet passionate people who care to help others. For Hush Home, they care to help us sleep better. This is clearly seen with the amount of detail they’ve put in to creating this duvet. Go check’em out because they offer other amazing sleep products too.

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We’re happy to announce that we’ll be testing out this product to give our very first product review in about three months time (stay posted everyone!)