Save Space with a Peg Board in the Kitchen


Not enough cupboards in the kitchen?  Try installing the classic Peg Board as a cheap solution!  They are not just for the garage but can be so versatile in small spaces, namely the …kitchen.  It provides ample storage, efficiently using vertical space.

Pegboard 2 PegBoard(Julia Childs)

This idea was conceptualized by Julia Child and guess what its in the Smithsonian.

If you can’t find a Pegboard here is another DIY space saving idea.

PegBoardMetal Grid

-Spaced Out-




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I’m Wattie and I like all things space saving. Having grown up in the USA, it took me awhile to get used to living small in Hong Kong. But low and behold I’m not only used to it but its become a passion and mission – which is to help those who have recently downsized their home, to live small comfortably.


  1. Hi Wattie,

    I’m looking for a pegboard for my laundry, but can’t seem to find them in HK. Can you recommend a source or even a district? Like, should I roam around sham Shui Po to source one. I need a specific size so am thinking they have to cut it to your desired size. Would Lockhart Road in Wanchai be a good place to look?

    many thanks

    • Hello Angie,

      Thanks for following my blog. Lockhart Road Wanchai would be a good place to look for a hardware store with Pegboards. Make sure you have a picture of a pegboard because English is limited. It’s not guaranteed that the place will cut it for you, so you might have to buy a saw. Also keep in mind you have to attach some kind of metal frame on the wall to attach the pegboard. I suppose it also depends on the size of your pegboard. Good Luck with your search.