Finally a place that carries transforming furniture that is truly catered for people living in Hong Kong. We were thrilled when we found out that Spaceman was opening up in Horizon Plaza in Aberdeen. They are a space saving transforming furniture store in Hong Kong and the ONLY store that dedicates 100% of their work to space saving design. Here were three things that stood out for us when we visited them.

Wall Beds

wall bed open


We came away impressed from the large range of wall beds, particularly their Slumber Bed series. Whether you want a sofa, desk or dining table paired with your wall bed, Spaceman has a space saving solution for you. What truly separates their range from others is the exceptional quality and the fair price point.

Their beds are built with a soft opening system – meaning once you open or close the bed, the hydraulic pistons slowly and automatically does the heavy lifting. It’s also very intuitive. No guesswork on how to open and close. There was a sense of great craftsmanship and engineering. Material finishes are abound as you have a large selection to choose from and you can customize cabinetry around the wall beds too. Take a look at this handy guide regarding dimensions.

They are more expensive than what we’ve featured here before, but we’d rather fork out a bit more for something of great quality. An added bonus is that the furniture can be dismantled and reassembled if you move apartments. We are particular fans of the free standing system below. Come’on, we were already excited by wall planters that require no drilling, so need we say more about this? Renters are you feelin’ this too?

Free standing wall bed with brown sofa and photo wall paper

Free standing wall bed opening up

Free standing wall bed open

Beds for Kids

If you have kids like us, small space living is even more challenging. Traditional bunk beds might not be the answer as it still takes up floor space without adding extra function. That’s why we like the HOVER bed system. Essentially it is a trundle bed, but works a lot smarter and space efficient. The most eye catching feature is the pull out bed on the top level, which allows access to the built in stairs. Oh yea, you can add storage into them too. We have seen kids bunk trundle beds in Hong Kong before, but nothing quite like this for sure.

Top slide out trundle bed


Middle trundle bed with drawers and starcase


Pull out desk for trundle bed


Multi-functional Tables

We think all apartments in Hong Kong need a multi-functional table of some sort, like the Ensemble, which is part console, part dining table. Firstly, the drop leaf table feature is great because you don’t have to fiddle with too many parts to expand the table. It comes with 6 slim profile chairs you can tuck away into the console. The table is on wheels so you can move it to any area you want. Lastly, the fact that you can add a few more shelves on the console is the game changer because we always need more space to store things.

Brown transforming console table

Brown console table with half the dining table open

Console table table opening up to full dining table

Brown console table with dining table fully open with hidden storage for chairs

What an experience it was for us to get a tour first hand of the Spaceman store. You should all go check’m out because they have a lot more awesome space saving transforming furniture to see! We have always dreamed of transforming apartments being more affordable and accessible for everyone here in Hong Kong. Now we are one step closer to it.

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