What does the title Space Saving Technical Clothes really mean? Lets piece the words together shall we? When we think of technical clothes we think of performance sportswear and its technological advancements in helping to prevent odor, wick sweat, and fabric that is breathable. You hear things like “Dry-fit” or “Clima cool” but why can’t this tech apply to more work/formal wear?

Think of the summers we have in Hong Kong. 33 degrees C / 91 degrees F. I hate wearing dress shirts and slacks during this time of year because I get drenched in sweat. Sure we are in air conditioning when in the office, but our commute typically is on foot and public transport. So we compensate by:

  • Buying many cheap work gear and go through a rotation; but typically this will last you maybe 6 months to a year as the colors will fade, the shirt eventually stained by your sweat, and the fabric worn out.
  • Buy more expensive, hoping the fabric will last longer. But in constant humidity and heat for 5-6 months out of the year, even the best brands might not hold up (i.e. mold!). Not to mention, we wear our ‘nice’ clothes sparingly because we don’t want to ruin them (i.e. my tailored dress shirts).

By compensating with bulk, think of the clutter we have just for our summer wardrobe? If I could, I would love to wear sportswear all day when going to work, but this isn’t possible or practical. We tried walking around different malls, and our options are well…very little.

Enter two companies that have finally taken our active lifestyles into consideration.

Outlier is a predominately menswear brand that is “tailored for performance” We love how they are not only fashion forward, but their clothes take into account the constant movement we’re in as urban dwellers. With resilient and highly technical fabric, we won’t only look good but feel great too!

Outlier San Francisco

For women, its a lot more difficult to find but there is a brand out there that has focused on creating clothes for the on the go professional woman. Pivotte has designed some chic and work friendly pieces that make it feel like you are wearing the best designed sportswear.

With such smart clothes that are designed to take a beating we won’t need to buy as many clothes by constantly updating our hot weather work rotation, hence saving space.

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