In a previous post, we discussed the benefits of pedestrianizing different parts of Hong Kong. This idea has been featured in Hong Kong magazine and other different publications and obviously the renderings are spectacular. If one day we can dream of more space for pedestrians and cyclists, maybe we can travel with space saving green transport for Hong Kong, like this really cool foldable scooter / bicycle.

Sliders is a bicycle that easily opens up into a scooter and a bicycle with just one easy mechanism. What separates this design from the rest is not only the multi-functionality, but the 2 large bicycle wheels. Most foldable bikes in Hong Kong have small wheels, so you will be pedalling for days before getting to your destination. The classic lines in the Sliders exudes 50s retro and well it can actually store in a relatively small footprint. You might be even able to carry this on an MTR train. A BIG MAYBE. We can’t talk enough about having bike lanes in Hong Kong, it just makes so much sense! If you are interested it’s kickstarting!

Sliders, a combination of a scooter and bicycle Diagram of folding the Slider

What we are really excited about though is the up and coming popularity of Personal Transport Vehicles (PTV). The Walkcar is like your skateboard but super mobile.

The video (CocoaMotors) is pretty well made and it’s hard to miss the super thin profile & outline of this PTV. Currently still a prototype and the rumor mills online have mentioned a possible Kickstarter campaign too. If so, we are putting down! I can imagine packing this up into my bag and then hopping on as I glide my way to work.

This is even more awesome, if you live a couple of districts away and have nice side streets to travel on! Needless to say, we are pretty excited because as much as cars are useful modes of transport, they may not be the best for a busy metropolis.

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