When having extra guests over, seating can become a problem in a small apartment. Foldable chairs are good solutions but aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing. So we were wondering: Can flat fold-away chairs be decorative and space saving at the same time? We were happy to find some very creative answers to this question.

Folding Chair turns into Art

YoY Studio’s (featured image) canvas chair is pretty amazing. No it isn’t cheap but it’s truly inspirational (at Lane Crawford Pacific Place) and maximizes space saving potential. We’ve actually sat on YoY Studio’s canvas chair and it’s fun to sit on because it plays mind games with you. The first time you sit on it you are super wary and careful, but when you realize it’s actually quite sturdy, it brings a big smile to your face. Obviously proportion needs to be heavily considered as such pieces are large and can be overpowering. However, if measured correctly these will be masterful pieces. If walls can’t do, maybe doors can be utilized to hang these fancy chairs?

A Chair that Hangs in your Wardrobe

If you don’t want to feature your chair but want a multi-function solution, this Philipe Malouin’s design is the epitome of spatial consideration. This piece has already been picked up by Umbra Shift. We have actually seen this in Homeless and once again, they are expensive. They are also not that light in weight, so hopefully your wardrobe rod is nice and sturdy. We also question the practicality of such a piece; would you give your guest a chair that has a jacket hung on it? Something you small space dwellers should consider, but it will definitely be a great conversation piece. And hey if you like it and will get a lot of use out if it, power to you!

Hanger Chair by Philipe Malouin

Hanger Chair on clothes rack

The chairs are a bit bulky and pricey. But if they can serve as inspiration for more affordable options in the future that helps save space in small apartments, then the designers have done their jobs.

Let us know what you think?

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