I love cooking. This is partly due to the art of cooking itself as well as my love for eating yummy stuff. This love has only been heightened by the exorbitant amount of food reality TV shows as well as living in Hong Kong (food is always available!). With limited space, how do we, home cooks, maintain an organized kitchen while we cook?

Here are 5 essentials I’ve learnt after having small kitchens for many years here in HK

Clean as you cook

When I was in the States, I would never do this because we had a huge double kitchen sink at home. Even when I had my own apartment way back then, I would pile things up because my single sink was big. Okay I was lazy too. You need to do this in a small kitchen because the quicker you clear clutter, the more surface area you have to work your magic and the less you’ll have to clean later.

Flat cutting boards that can hang

We can’t afford a thick chopping board here, its just not space efficient. Instead, flat cutting boards are essential as you can place them on top of your stove to create an extra work surface. Since they are flat, you can have 2-3 of them so you don’t cross contaminate meat and veggie. CitySuper has a good series made of bamboo.

Chopping board

Extendable metal sink rack

They aren’t the prettiest thing in the world but they serve a great purpose—more surface area. The one pictured here I bought from a local bric-a-brac store for “cheap cheap” and this one is extendable and can be hung. There are things like this in Ikea or Price rite…but go bric-a-brac! We do suggest this to be only used for an extra surface rather than for cutting. If you can find a perfectly sized over the sink cutting board, power to you.

Extendable metal rack over sink

Metal rod attached to wall with “S” hooks

This is very important because you need your go-to cooking instruments (spatula, cutting boards, tongs, etc) in an ergonomically placed location. Instruments that are not often used should be stored away to avoid cluttering things up! You’ll find these in many home/appliance stores in Hong Kong.

Hanging kitchen utensils using S hooks

Foldable Dish racks

In Hong Kong we wash dishes by hand and dish racks are used but they can take up a lot of space. So why not have one that folds away. Full Circle has one and you can order it through Amazon. Drying your dishes is the last step in your cooking process, so once they are dry, put your dishes back into your cabinet and fold away the dish rack…instantly clearing clutter! Plus you might gain that extra surface space when you prepare breakfast.

Collapsable dish rack

These tips here will help you maximize space as you happily cook away in your tiny kitchen. What do you all think?

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