Have you ever been frustrated with carrying your winter jacket indoors? You walk into a restaurant and sit in a booth and half of your bench is filled up with your winter wear.

Pocketable Jackets

UNIQLO came up with an ingenious solution! A light down jacket that folds away that is reminiscent of a sleeping bag! Can you believe it? It is really easy to fold and the jacket has an inner pocket for you to put the pouch in. This light down jacket is perfect for HK weather as the winters here hover around 45-65F or 7-18C, perfect for adding another layer for those colder evenings. Some of you may also be asking, why take the jacket off in cold weather? Well, some MTR stations (HK subway system) and tiny restaurants can get stuffy real fast with all the people and the heater on. Sure there are other light down jackets from other brands and yes their are raincoats that do the same thing, but UNIQLO really thought about helping the urban consumer increase mobility, save space and money (as the jacket is really affordable).

So do you find it a hassle to carry winter stuff around in Hong Kong? Are there other examples you’d like to share? Leave your comment below.

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