In our small footprint, a lot of space is taken up below the bathroom sink with household cleaning products. Don’t get us wrong, we think it’s important but with so many so-called “specialized products” per room, appliance, furniture, floor surface…it clutters up storage space real quickly. Most of us are also aware of some of the harmful chemicals in these products so the obvious solution are natural green cleaning products, right? Yes we like that idea but in Hong Kong, we need more space.

In the past few years, the textiles industry has advanced tremendously with the invention of Microfiber technology. It’s so advanced, some companies claim that you can use it to clean surfaces without any cleaning agents, killing “99.9% of bacteria.”

When we read this we were immediately interested! One such space saving cleaning product to help us maximize space in the cupboard under the sink is the e-cloth. It’s as simple as spraying water onto a surface and then wiping it down with the cloth and…voila, the cloth will do the dirty work! They have many product lines for different cleaning duties. We have been using the basic e-cloth for a few months now (bought it at Towngas) and love the simplicity.

e-cloth starter pack

Are we a tad skeptical? Sure! It’s hard to completely get rid of the lemon scented big brand named products that we have grown so accustomed to, but this product has made us more mindful about the cleaning products we buy. Not to mention, with this cloth, we save on a few square foot of space, and as you, we can always use more space when living small! Hey if we can save space with less cleaning agents, we are all in!

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