You just moved in. You were able to get your bed and wardrobe into your master bedroom. But you are only left with a teeny weeny bit of space for a beside table to put your phone, tablet, newspaper or magazine. So where do you turn to for that extra bit of space? Here are a few space saving bedside tables that will help give you that extra bit of surface and storage as well.

The Urban Shelf—Yes its plastic and cheap lookin’, but this product is a supremely practical solution for small apartments, and that’s why we love it! It’s around the width of a 10″ tablet when folded up. The great thing is when its not in use, you can just fold it away(1/2″ thick) and tuck it away. Nice!

Urban Shelf

Ikea came out with a great bedside table called the Nordli. We like it because the drawer allows for a tuck-away charging station, clearing clutter! With a width of 11.8 in./30cm, it can squeeze into the tightest of spaces. The US one has a wireless charging station which is even cooler!

Ikea Nordli bedside table


This Muji bedside table measures 18.1″ in width and is the epitome of minimalism. It is elegant with exposed legs, adding less visual clutter.

Muji side table


A Leaning Table is a great option because it takes a way more visual clutter with only 2 legs. The one featured below is the Lean Man Side and its wonderfully streamlined, elegant and chic. With it, comes a higher price tag and unfortunately we haven’t seen this in HK. However we have seen something similar to this at G.O.D. Browse around and see if you can find it.


A Storage friendly Bedside table. We are fortunate to have a 2 ft./24in./60cm clearance next to our bed. So we opted for one from DSC (no longer in business) that can tuck away many things. There is storage behind the mirror. Storage under the mirror. Storage below the mirror. It even had storage in the stool that tucks away(casters broke on us unfortunately, we replaced it with a stool). It’s a pretty amazing compact storage beast of a bedside table.

bedside table storage
Bedside table 2

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