For small spaces, lighting is very important. Proper lighting can give more volume to your space. Of course natural light works best. Nothing compares to the different hues and tones that natural light can bring into your home. However, with condensed buildings everywhere, we might not get the luxury of sunshine. So what’s the closest thing to natural light then. Enter the smart light bulbs. Although they could be quite intimidating at first, it’s all about choosing the right light bulb for your needs. Here’s why I think smart light bulbs work well in small spaces.

The Color Options

Like furniture that has been featured in our blog, smart light creates flexibility. One of the things I wanted to control are the color tones. During the day my living space gets beautiful natural light, but it doesn’t flood into my dining space. With a smart light bulb, I can match the beautiful white and blue hues of natural light during the day and the warm cozy lighting with the rest of my apartment. Having consistent color tones give the overall illusion for more space.

A Dimming Option

Again flexibility is the key word here. I can adjust the brightness based on conditions in my home. So if it’s a pretty bright day outside, I can adjust my light bulbs to be less bright. Or if my curtains are closed because of the blazing sun, I can brighten up my apartment without the excess heat. For me as a parent now, it really helps as a precursor to bedtime.

Remote Access

Setting up tech can be intimidating. I for one always envision how hard it’s going to be. But looking past all this, it’s actually quite convenient to be able to control lighting conditions via remote or smartphone. The fact that you can turn on your home lights when you are on holidays is pretty awesome as a theft prevention measure. Just don’t forget to keep your internet router on though. : )

New Alarm Clock

With smart bulbs you can wake up to gentle and soothing light, rather than an alarm clock app. How does it help you in small spaces. If you live with other family members or a flatmate, trust me we can hear the alarm clock. I’m not even joking I could hear my floor’s elevator bell at home, and that’s outside of my apartment. If you really need sound to wake you, I’m sure you can pair it up with a soothing alarm app with the sounds of the ocean.

Save Energy and Money

Have you ever come back home to discover that you’ve left your lights on? Well this is where a smart bulb is great. You can check and switch them off, even when you aren’t home. Or you can program them to automatically turn off after you leave a room for a certain time. How can you save money you might ask? Well since you live in a small apartment you really don’t need to buy many to create your desired ambiance right?

Admittedly I am not that tech savvy. That’s why I went with the Ikea Tradfri three tone dimmer light with remote control. I can get the app, but knowing my habit I’m more used to an old school switch.

If you are like smart tech for the home, then the Phillips Hue is definitely better as it offers more functions via their app.

So far I have loved my smart light bulbs. It’s been a neat gadget that has brought an element of fun to my small space. Sure they are a tad more expensive than a regular LED, but it has allowed me to interact and have a bit more fun in my small space

So what do you think? Share your thoughts byleaving a comment below.

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