We are fans of DOMAT, a non profit architecture firm based in Hong Kong. They focus on everyday solutions for those who really have significant lifestyle concerns. This is almost unheard of in a land of mega real estate developers.

Storage for regular folks in Hong Kong already is a problem, but can you imagine the difficulties our grass roots face? That’s why the job that DOMAT is doing is socially important as their great, yet simple solutions have been helping families who live in super small subdivided units.

Open Cube Module

One wooden and open faced storage cube

Modular wooden open faced storage cubes

To solve the spatial concerns, a university student team in conjunction with DOMAT designed an open cubed modular system that can be stacked or mounted on the walls.

They remind us of one of our previous posts; about how modular systems offer great flexibility. Look at how the couple below have benefited with their extra storage space with this nice system. Before their belongings were all stacked and put in recyclable grocery bags. This is not unlike anything we’ve seen before because we ourselves used to do this. With their new system, things are a lot easier to get to, orderly and organized. We particularly love how their things are accessible from the top bunk bed.

Storage piled up high in subdivided apartment

couple smiling with their new modular storage cube system

Attaching the storage cubes are pretty standard. Regular L-frames and wall brackets will do the job. They also work great as stacking storage from floor to ceiling as well. Also since many subdivided tenants are renting, if they need to move, they can easily move the storage cubes to their next place.

DOMAT and the university students gave and installed these modular storage cubes to these families for free. Smart design doesn’t always have to be so fancy. From watching the above video(in Cantonese), you can really see how these small spatial adjustments have given these families such newfound happiness, space and comfort. Well done DOMAT!

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