Before heading to a recent trip to Singapore, like any other person, I surfed the net to find a hotel. Being an urbanite that wanted to experience a world class city, my criteria for my room was: proximity (close to the city) and price.

There were many fantastic hotels but there was one hotel that caught my attention.

“ Distinctive loft-inspired stylish & chic living designs “ by Italian designer Piero Lissoni

Studio M Hotel

What struck me was the word “loft” because I’ve never stayed in one before and the fact that it was only 22 sqm/270 sq-ft with high ceilings and large windows, Studio M was calling my name. But I did have doubts as I was worried about whether or not if this would fully accommodate my wife and I. The last thing I wanted was to feel like I was even more cramped compared to my little shoebox in Hong Kong. I couldn’t help it though, I was really curious if height and natural light do actually make a difference in making a small space feel big.

My resounding answer is YES. Upon entering my Premier Loft, the first impression you get when walking in is that of grandeur because of the massive wall to wall window. Your eyes don’t focus on the tiny space but outward towards the city.

Studio M loft

Studio M

Your gaze then travel upward as the double ceiling height is impressive. As you glance back down, the physical progression through the space is almost instinctual. Part desk, part staircase. A perfect juxtaposition of form and function in a small footprint. And the coolest part is that you automatically take your shoes off because you don’t want to dirty your desk.

As you go up, you just hop onto bed, and once again turn towards the massive window. This effect is amazing because you forget that the aisle next to the bed is only just enough for the width of one person.

When walking back down, you try not to fall because it takes time getting used to and well, because of the mesmerizing scenery.

You notice the separate shower room and toilet when you are back on the ground floor. Although the shower was comfy, the toilet room did feel cramped. This is where I felt a sliding door and a smaller toilet seat would have helped. One might think you have no privacy after you finish taking a shower, but the mirror you see in the picture below is actually a sliding door that closes off the entrance, instantly creating a nook for some “me” time.

Studio M premier loft

Studio M

Plenty of storage (i.e under the stairs) and ingenuity makes the room feel “alive”. The stay at Studio M was fun as you always find something new about this small space. Check out the fold out bed!

Sofa bed in sofa form

Sofa bed in bed form

It felt like living in a chic tree house with some subtle movable parts in the middle of a happening district in Singapore.

Our stay was small but really comfortable! I know this is just a hotel, but if such design ingenuity can applied to Hong Kong apartments we’d have happier people.

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