We are all sardines! We are all sardines squished together, packed in our cans (MTR trains). We are all sardines packed in rows of two, stacked on top of each other (Buses/mini-buses).

Rush hour, man does this suck! Apologies for the lack of a better phrase. After living here for so long, the density of people during this time is bewildering, amazing and dreadful. Public transport here in Hong Kong is world class, but there are times where you just want to avoid this.

However, you walk and eventually become an expert city navigator and realize that there are alleys and side streets that can get you from A to B whilst avoiding congestion. We have already mentioned in a previous post how some smaller alternative vehicles are beneficial for our environment and future city development. But as of right now, we don’t have those funky vehicles. We can’t even ride our bicycles without being honked at by drivers when on the road or yelled at by pedestrians when on the sidewalk.

So why not try a Kick Scooter? Yes we seriously mean it! Now obviously we know how this maybe difficult in the busier districts, but timing/location/activity is very important. Why sardine yourself at 6:30pm to your local indoor basketball court when its only two districts away? Why squish in the bus when you are lucky enough to work in one of the less busier districts? Why walk for 20 minutes when you can roll there in 8?

With a kick scooter, you can quietly and nimbly glide your way from one place to another. Not to mention, they can easily fold away, which allows for easy storage (under your sofa). Some even come with a strap for you to carry around! I confess, I’m guilty of being a little jealous of kids on their scooters, as they always look like they’re having a blast, levitating on the sidewalks, and sometimes even inside malls. So friends, why not the kick scooter?

In Hong Kong sadly, we don’t have many choices: Micro Scooters and Skate City both have some available online. Here are a few kickscooters we think are applicable in Hong Kong:


Watch this review from NYCewheels! It can take a beating and the folding mechanism is cool. We learnt a lot watching their videos!

Micro Flex Air 200M

Sleek and adaptable to multiple road surfaces due to its airwheels. Not to mention, once again, it is one of the only few options available in Hong Kong.

Olaf kickscooter

The Olaf kickscooter is an urban vehicular savant. A backpack and a scooter? No really? They have a suitcase option as well! It was a successful Kickstarter project and we can see why! Love it so why not contact them and order one!

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