The simple, yet humble S hook. There a few reasons why they are so vital for small spaces; they keep things off the floor & they provide vertical storage. Cheap and versatile, they belong in every household and even when you are on the go. Here are 5 ideas with S Hooks that are practical and creative in helping you save space:

S hooks in the kitchen

With a metal bar in the kitchen, using S hooks to hang your kitchen utensils and pots clear space on your very limited work surface.

Kitchen utensils on S hooks

S hooks in the bathroom

In your bathroom, if you have any extra storage racks, the S hook is just the thing to hang may different items. From simple jewelry to hair ties, to wash cloths or even cleaning tools, there are endless possibilities.

S hooks on blue Ikea cart in a bathroom next to a sink

S hooks on the go

The S Hook is so multi-functional and small you can take it with you on the go. You can use it to hang your bag on many types of surfaces. You can hang your wet umbrella or even groceries on the handle of seats inside the bus. If you’ve seen local “cha charn tengs” you might have even noticed beautifully cooked poultry hanging on the window display, all by the HK icon, the S hook. I have even seen my grandma pull her S hook out to hang her cane on the table. Legendary!

Red handbag on a S hook

S hook holding an umbrella on the back of a bus seat

Roast duck and BBQ pork hung by S hooks in Kowloon

S hooks for your wardrobe

Belts and Bags can be tricky things to store away in your wardrobe. In the most organized closet, you’ll see people hanging these items, using – the S hook. An extra space saving tip for you: Put your smaller bags into your bigger bags. Instantly more space!

S hooks holding various beltsHandbags hung on a tension rod using S hooks

Where to buy S hooks in Hong Kong

S hooks and loop chains for consecutive hanging options.

You’ll be able to find the loop chain in bric-a-brac stores or any local hardware stores. The S hook you’ll find in a variety of places; from Ikea to Pricerite to Aeon & Apita. They are everywhere! The key thing to note about S hooks is to consider the diameter of the curve before buying them, otherwise they might not fit properly around whatever you want to hang them on. Other than that, the S Hook will save you lots of space!


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

– Leonardo Da Vinci

How else do you all use S hooks? Let us know with a comment below.

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