Continuing with the clothing theme this week, I’d like to share a story with you. During my college days, there were many credit card companies on campus, trying to pry us into believing how credit cards were a must have. Not only that, but they said if you signed up for a credit card that day you would get a “free t-shirt!” I was not sucked into this ploy, but my friend…well he was sucked in because he just wanted the free t-shirts. “C’mon its free!” he said. I don’t really remember whether his credit stacked up or not, but let me tell you, he is one of the most frugal people I know, in the best of ways!

So as the first term continued, I noticed that his t-shirt collection consisted entirely of free t-shirts. On top of this, he said with a serious tone he would wear his underwear back to front, inside out, yada yada yada, in order to maximize the number of wears he could get.

Luckily he was only joking, so I still hope!

I had this particular memory deep into my mental archive until one day, I came across Morf on Kickstarter.

I couldn’t believe what I saw! My jaws dropped! It was like this memory was happening all over again, but it looked chic and stylish. No this product wasn’t created by my friend, but it goes to show that if you dream it up, you can create anything! I myself haven’t pledged to the product yet, because a men’s version is planned, but yet to be seen. I also ask myself if this is applicable to my work attire and my on the go city lifestyle.

However, if there was a men’s sweater version, I’m sold. I would not buy any more sweaters again. Never ever! Well not really, I could get two sweaters and that would give me 48 different looks! Then I’d stop! But…anyway, we are a fan of this idea because – come on, you can save space with one shirt. We also feel this is great for people who travel a lot! Well done Morf!

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