Walls often get overlooked as storage solutions, particularly for small spaces. However, there are products out their catered for the wall that help you clear clutter. To be more specific, you can save space with magnets.

The Plank by ILOVEHANDLES is a great little shelf that works great as a drop off point for your phones, keys and wallets. It’s tiny, but ingeniously does its job. Application is quite easy, albeit you have to drill a few holes, but as far as spatial circulation in a small space, having a simple drop off zone when you come home is a quick way to avoid clutter.


Another extraordinary product is the Urbio. Its a great modular and multi-functional solution for small spaces. We love how it’s plant friendly and the fact that its form is so versatile and beautiful. This is a prime example of where function can be displayed and featured proudly. Think of this, you can have your herbs near an area where you can get direct sunlight, and when you cook you can attach it to your fridge! Its such a simple system but profoundly perfect and versatile for small apartments.

You do need to drill holes for the Urbio 1.0 version, but the incredible thing is that they’ve come up with a new version called Perch that is even better. Why you might ask? Because you don’t need to drill holes! All you need is 4 Large 3M Command Strips.

Urbio Perch on office space wall

Nice! Are there any other wall storage products that uses magnets you want to recommend? Leave a comment below

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