If you are like my family and have little ones, it is common he/she likes to sleep with mommy and daddy. Our double bed just wasn’t working with the three of us. So we needed to find a solution for our small bedroom. We factored in three problems we needed to resolve: More space to sleep, more space to store and an extra place for baby to play.

Small Bedroom Storage Solution – Customizing furniture

So we opted to turn our entire bedroom into one big bed with an additional hydraulic lift bed. Our existing bed was a standard double and already a hydraulic lift bed. We obviously wanted to keep it.  So we decided to shift the bed against the wall to make more room for the extra bed. But even with the extra room,  a standard single bed wouldn’t fit. So what did we do?

We decided to go the customizing route for the very first time. First we went to an interior design firm but it was way over our budget. So we kept looking and came across SOFASALE.com.hk, a store that can customize beds.  The whole process was a little confusing at first because we couldn’t just make a bed from scratch. Instead we had to choose a bed from their existing range that can be altered.

We came across Gray bed end ottoman with storagethis bed (or more like an extension to a bed for you to sit and put your shoes on) and asked for the possibilities:

Can it go hydraulic instead of a hinge? Is it possible for the bed end to be longer? Can the bed be higher so we can make it as flush with our double bed as much as possible?

It took a lot of back and forth (sometimes frustrating) but in the end, it luckily worked out. Now we are able to put extra linen and my summer wardrobe underneath. So, yes we have defintely saved space with our customized hydraulic lift bed. How?

Benefits for our Small Room

Our apartment is only 510sq ft, so it was important for us to have an additional play area for our daughter. I‘d say she has definitely grown to liking it. When I come home from work, my daughter takes me by the hand to our new cushy playground and asks to go “UP.” Then we start playing with her stuffed toys and just start giggling and rolling around. I must also admit, it’s a great little place for me to wind down after a long day at work too.

Two hydraulic lift beds closed position

Two hydraulic lift beds open, with blankets and winter wear stored inside

Cost of Customizing

The overall cost was the cheapest we can find at the time, but it still wasn’t that cheap. I was about 2000HKD over budget. But the extra price paid was worth it because of the added space and function. I do also have to mention that as a whole, customizing a hydraulic lift bed is much more affordable than what it was once in Hong Kong.

Living in a small space with a growing family is challenging. But if you just put your thinking cap on and look for solutions, living small can just get a little more comfortable.

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