How many times have you tossed out old produce? How many times have you found that nasty old orange in the back of your fridge drawer all moldy. How many times have you left your spring onions out for one day, only to have it dried out. Well there are two exciting projects out there that not only re-imagines food storage but can also save you some space and energy.

Jihyum Ryou envisions our home without a large fridge and her project Save Food From the Fridge provides a holistic and organic approach for preserving fruits and vegetables. 

Jihyun Ryou's Zero-energy food containers - Save Food From The Fridge Project Jihyun Ryou's Zero-energy food containers - Save Food From The Fridge Project

Her range of food storage bins are wall mounted and is meant to not only help us visualize our food before consumption (not lost in the gravity of the fridge) but to encourage us to water and tend to the fruits and vegetables like our household plants and flowers.

According to the video below, Jihyum Ryou did her research by asking farmers and grandmothers of how they preserved their fruits and veggies prior to our refrigerator days.

Seeing ideas like storing your leeks and carrots vertically in sand to discourage moisture loss or storing apples above potatoes because of their symbiotic relationship of preservation is to us, a breath of fresh air.

Her website also includes a blog and a book of how to keep other types of vegetables for longer. It’s inspirational to see how such true and tested agricultural knowledge is gaining some growth in our modern techtropolis. 

Additionally, there is another project that is Kickstarting right now with the very same concept but with different aesthetics. La Denise by Jarre looks to have larger storage pieces but also wall mountable. Their Kickstarter page details their mission and the concept of their product.

La Denise steps

So how do these new food storage ideas help save us space? We can fully imagine how such storage pieces are beautiful displays for fruits and veggies at home rather than just for plants. This will also can generate more conversation about the possibilities of farming in a small space and the growing demand for farm to table establishments, minimizing our energy footprint. Most apparent though is the downsizing of the energy sucking refrigerator.

Go check these projects out.

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