Foldable Must Haves for Tiny Hong Kong Apartments


Not every item needs to be foldable, but after living here for so long there truly are some things we feel do need that added space saving advantage.  Here is our list of foldable must haves for Tiny Hong Kong Apartments

1) Slim Fold Step Ladder.  Many blogs will tell you to go vertical when it comes to storage, but not many will tell you to invest in a step ladder.  What’s the point in storing vertically if you can’t reach items easily.  We bought ours at Japan Home Centre.  It’s cheap and the slimmest we have seen around!

IMG_2002 IMG_2003

2) Foldable Dustpan.  We found that good ole’ fashion sweeping is pretty quick and dependable when keeping dust at bay on a daily basis.  Brooms in and on its own are flat and easy to store, but man… is it hard to find their companion – dustpan, that can fold up into a thin profile!  We’ve looked in many places big and small and finally found one in AEON!   Guess what it was the last one too!


3) Foldable stools.  We are absolute fans of cardboard and these two examples are great.  The Bookniture was a Kickstarter funded item that was designed by a very own Hong Konger.  Alternatively there is another version in the market we found on Groupon that looks similar(keep an eye out).  We got both and are happy with them due to the easy storage capability and multi-function potential.


4) Foldable Drying Rack.  We did a post about hang drying clothes in Hong Kong and we said if you are going to do laundry then best have some kind of drying rack that can fold.  We got this one from Muji, as it looks minimal and clean.  By all means, any version is fine, but we just didn’t want bright pink or blue versions from other stores – just sayin’.


5) Foldable Grocery Bags.  Everyone pretty much has these in Hong Kong because they are compact and environmentally friendly.  And honestly every time you go shopping, you get loads of plastic bags and then what happens? You’re cupboard space is taken up by all those bags!  So get a couple of these foldable options as they are very very necessary!  City Super and many other Supermarkets sell these.  Purchase enough groceries, some places might give you one for FREE!


So these Items aren’t  sexy, sleek and stylish but they very much serve a greater purpose – that is to maximize space and minimize footprint in Tiny Hong Kong

-Spaced Out-


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I’m Wattie and I like all things space saving. Having grown up in the USA, it took me awhile to get used to living small in Hong Kong. But low and behold I’m not only used to it but its become a passion and mission – which is to help those who have recently downsized their home, to live small comfortably.

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