If there is one home furnishings brand that is moving forward with space saving transforming furniture in Hong Kong, it has to be Pricerite. In two previous posts, we talked about their Hidden Bed and Winsill series, and just in the last 6 months alone they have featured more furniture that will simply make you say: “That’s’ cool!”

Pricerite is targeted for the local market and their furniture is geared towards Hong Kong designed and sized apartments. Case in point, take a look at their Coleman and Nordic coffee tables.

Pricerite Coleman timber coffee table Pricerite Coleman timber coffee table in open position


Pricerite Nordic coffee tablePricerite Nordic coffee table in open position

In Hong Kong, double duty is a necessity. I remember staying in a 500 sq-ft apartment and the actual living and dining space was separated by the entry way. When it came to dinner time, my wife and I usually ate in the living room coffee table because we wanted to watch TV while eating. Heck I sat on the floor so I could eat at the right height. So what about our dining table? Well it turned into a clutter magnet and we ended up selling it!

Here are some other dining tables that you might find useful in your little apartment in Hong Kong. We love the Damon because you can hide away stools to form a eating nook.

Pricerite Damon coffee table Pricerite Damon coffee table in open position

Pricerite Damon coffee table with storage above

Here in Hong Kong, using a space for multiple functions is vital. We mentioned architect Gary Chang’s apartment and its amazing moving walls and the hope of such design becoming more mainstream. Once again, Pricerite is impressing us with their direction. The picture below is a wardrobe system that can push out creating an impromptu walk-in-closet. We feel the application of this idea is average because we’d probably want to create a space bigger than a walk-in-closet, but the potential is tremendous.We are fans of the moving wall because it changes the size of the room based on our needs. Just imagine, pushing a wall back to create a larger living room. Push the same wall forward, you’ve got a bigger bedroom. If this idea is mass produced, then our little 400-500sq-ft space will become more enjoyable and liveable.

Pricerite brochure

Here’s the video of their advertisement, classic HK style quirkiness, but we say keep an eye on the furniture. The best store to see these space saving transforming furniture in action would be the Pricerite in MegaBox, go take a look for yourself!

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