Space Saving Ideas to Dry your Clothes Indoors


For those who are renting a place with a WASHER, you would be lucky if you have a dryer or a balcony.  However, many apartments here in Hong Kong have neither.  So how and where would you dry your clothes?  Here are some Space Saving Ideas to Dry our Clothes Indoors.

IMG_1635Tension Rod + Dehumidifier.There is no hiding my love for the Tension Rod.  I have been hang drying in my bathroom for years now.  However, if you just hang dry it might take ages because of the Hong Kong humidity.  So invest in a dehumidifier.  Look for a slim profile with an automated timer that is energy efficient.  Many of them have different settings, including a dry function.  This combo works incredibly well!  This method will take between 2-5 hours depending on your fabric. 

Tension Rod + Clamps + Open Windows.  When we saw this our jaws dropped.  The ingenuity and DIY savvy of this idea is incredible.  This would work in a majority of older IMG_1517apartment buildings.  Open them up 90 degrees, clamp the tension rod on the window and viola – A perfect place to hang dry your clothes.  Nothing beats old fashion sunshine.  Sure it takes longer, but nothing beats the bacteria killing power of the sun. 

Note:  Please check the condition of your window because remember you are adding extra load on the windows.  So be careful!

Window Hanging Apparatus

These are quite useful for a light load of laundry.  These are basically customized clamps for Hong Kong Windows.  When in use, you fold down the arms and insert aluminum rods to create a hanging surface.  The great thing is, you can use these systems on any part of your home on any side hinging window and…no need for drilling.  Woohoo!  You can find them in Aeon for only 149HKD!

IMG_1654 IMG_1652 IMG_1653

Foldable Clothes Drying Rack

This system is not cheap, but incredibly flexible.  They range from 700-1000HKD, depending on size.  You can arrange it to fit the smallest area(i.e. bathroom) or expand it for large loads or large items(i.e. bed linen).  When not in use, it folds really really flat.  Not to mention this system is light in weight yet incredibly strong!  You’ll be able to find this in Aeon or Price-Rite.  There are others out there, but this system by far is the best we’ve seen and well worth the hefty price.


So there you have it, some incredible Space Saving Ideas to Dry your Clothes Indoors

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