For those of you fellow apartment renters, putting things up on your walls without doing any damage can be a challenge. Mind you, we are fans of the old hammer and nail to add wall storage. But what can you do when your landlord strictly forbids this and you need some extra storage space for your phone or other accessories. Here are 3 products we recommend.

3M Command Brand

The offer a large range of products without damaging your walls. But the product we are most impressed with is the 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips. It’s easy to use and easy to take off! We have tried other brands similar, but 3M by far is the very best- hands down. They have a large presence in Hong Kong and you won’t have trouble finding 3M products. Places like Aeon and Pricerite are good places to start. Local stationary stores will have them too.

Nano Suction Products

Introducing the Gripeez from As seen on TV. Yes this is an infomercial of the cheesy kind, but seriously they work.  It’s really as easy as stick and then peel off. Over time, it will pick up dust and dirt, but seriously a simple rinse and you are sorted. We highly recommend this product. We bought ours from Hokobuy, but you’ll have to wait until they pop up again.

Originally this next product started off as UM-brand  but they are now currently Elmer’s Freestyle. They offer a larger range of products than Gripeez. We haven’t used them before, but we know nano suction works. We haven’t noticed them in Hong Kong so a visit to Amazon is a good way to get your hands on them.

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*Updated May 2018