We previously looked at how magnets can be used to hold up shelves or mini storage units. But if you are a renter and really concerned with damaging your walls, we found some cool cardboard wall pockets you can use with a little help from our favorite removable adhesive tape from 3M

Papier Tigre presents this storage solution with a classy geometric pattern. As you know we love modules and patterns. They also have many other quirky geometric and practical products we are a fan of too.

Papier Tigre's boites murals triangular wall storage in red, blue, green and yellow

Papier Tigre

If you feel like having another funky shape, Ampersand has a playful pentagon pattern that not only will dazzle any wall, but help save space on our precious footprint. Good for the office, home or classroom (particularly for the kids). We have used it for more than 7 months now and its nicely stuck on our walls tucking things away. 

Pentagon cardboard wall storage

We love these products a lot because it helps us have more space on our walls. Since it’s only cardboard, you can always go to your local craft store, buy some 1-2ply cardboard (upcycled would be even better) and design a wall pocket all on your own. Now the challenge would be, can you make this without any glue? Give it a go!

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