The sizes of rooms in Hong Kong can vary greatly. If you are new to Hong Kong, many apartments don’t have built in closets. Instead you have to find options on your own. So what do you do? We highly encourage you to find something that is modular, flexible and part of a system. Here is what we think are good options

IKEA Pax System

This  a flexible to many room configurations because it is modular. From different heights for shelves, various sized storage spaces and door options, there is a reason why it is a really popular choice for Hong Kong people. You’ll be able to achieve as close to a floor to ceiling and wall to wall storage capacity with Pax, but make sure you talk to a Pax consultant when you are in IKEA. There are other options in Ikea, but we like this the most because doors can hide clutter, particularly on days where you were a bit lazy folding laundry. You do need to ask your landlord if you can drill holes on the walls because IKEA recommends you attach it to the walls with wall anchors.

Black IKEA Pax wardrobe system


They have a freestanding unit shelf system that can adapt and adjust to your liking. Very similar to IKEA, they have multiple storage drawers, boxes that can stack and configure neatly all within the frame of your system. But as you can see it is an open system and it isn’t very tall, so it’s definitely not for everyone. They also have an interior advisory consultant to help you plan out your space too, which is a nice touch.

Timber Muji open wardrobe system in a lounge room

So we think finding modular and flexible options that maximize wall space for a wardrobe is the way to go for small spaces. Do you agree with us? Leave a comment below.

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*Updated May 2018