As a renter and a small space dweller, finding shelving that is flexible in its configuration is important. But when you have a modular system that helps making “the move” to another apartment easier, then you have something special.

BrickBox is perfect for the person who is often on the go or someone who likes to evolve the function of their space. This versatility and evolution reminds us of our post about furniture that grow with children. We can definitely see how this can become a floor to ceiling partition with storage that accommodates to different spatial needs. BrickBox in our eyes is truly marvelous and we hope its more accessible in Hong Kong.

BUILD modular shelving works just as well, and can even function as a stool. For those who are fans of more organic shapes, this system is for you. It is far less accessible if you’d like this system in your apartment in Hong Kong, but it’s equally as awesome.

Ingenuity like this can really help with how we live here in Hong Kong. We are often stuck with temporary band aid furniture pieces rather than lasting solutions that adapt to our changing needs. We need more of this in Hong Kong? What do you all think?

| Spaced Out

*Updated June 2018