5 Disadvantages of Small Space Living in Hong Kong.


Here at Spaced Out we have kept things pretty positive regarding small space living.  We have offered you products and tips on how to maximize your small footprint.  For those of you who are thinking about coming to Hong Kong to live, this post will help you understand the mentality necessary for living small here.  I present to you the 5 disadvantages of small space living in Hong Kong.

Small Space Living Disadvantage 1: Things get messy real quick.  For example, when you come home with groceries your space will feel cluttered immediately.   But here is the advantage, over time you will become more responsible in putting things away and become more organized.  Slowly you do not want to be messy because you just want more space in your apartment.


Small Space Living Disadvantage 2: It gets dusty real fast.  You will soon discover that after just two weeks living here, dust accumulates everywhere.  Here is the advantage though. You will find cleaning a breeze because your place is so small.  You should try to clean something every day so it will feel less like a chore.


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Small Space Living Disadvantage 3: Lack of Privacy.  When you look out of your windows here, your neighbors become live reality TV shows.  You might even hear your neighbor announce, “Dinner time everyone!”  So what are the advantages?  When you live in an apartment block, you will be surprised by the constant and pleasant small talk you will experience with your neighbors.  Yes you will draw the curtains and close your windows more often here. But we have definitely experienced more short and sweet social interaction.


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Small Space Living Disadvantage 4: You just cannot buy what you want.  My days of collecting kicks and buying 3 cotton t-shirts for 20 bucks are over.  It kinda does suck, but there is a major advantage. I have learnt how to be more resourceful with what I buy and appreciate all the items that I own.  I place the most value on spending time with my family over any sneaker collection I could have ever amassed.


Small Space Living Disadvantage 5: Entertaining guests.   You can forget about having multiple guests over for BBQs or cookouts.  We know how much fun they are, particularly with a cold one and some smoked meat on the grill.  However there are alternatives.  You will find a ton of restaurants and BBQ pits in a country park near you. In addition, many of the newer apartment estates include outdoor podiums that include outdoor grills.  All you need to do is book these places in advance.

Yes, there are definitely disadvantages of small space living in Hong Kong.  But we should all listen to what Albert Einstein had to say, “Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.”   This is exactly the mentality you should have when living small in Hong Kong because you will live life bigger and better.

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I’m Wattie and I like all things space saving. Having grown up in the USA, it took me awhile to get used to living small in Hong Kong. But low and behold I’m not only used to it but its become a passion and mission – which is to help those who have recently downsized their home, to live small comfortably.

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