We’ve mentioned in a previous post how Gary Cheng’s Domestic Transformer served as an inspiration (hero) for our blog. But there are other projects out there that are truly groundbreaking. Dubbed the “Incredible Transforming Apartment in NYC Soho” by LifeEdited, takes 420 sq-ft and maximizes functionality through incredible design, ingenuity and sustainability considerations.

Founder of TreeHugger and LifeEdited, Graham Hill (hero no.2) was on a mission to prove to people that small and minimal living with great design can not only be possible but exceptional and liveable.

Take a look at the space below, and you can see how the living area can easily seat 10 people for dinner with a Goliath transformable console/dining table. From the picture it doesn’t look cramped at all! We’ve actually seen this table at Mix and Match Home located in Windsor House, Causeway Bay.

Goliath transforming table

Resource Furniture

Animated gif of a room with and without guests sitting at a table


What about when you have to sleep, where is the bed? See the nice sofa on the right? Well, It’s actually a Murphy Bed that can be pulled down when its time for some “zzzzzz’s”. There are actually straps for the bed when you push it back up. Something like this seems fun to live in right?

Animated gif of room with murphy bed and room with guests


Unfortunately we haven’t seen this bed around, but in the USA, Resource Furniture carries a whole range of transforming furniture. The closest thing we have here in HK is Hidden Bed from Pricerite.

Animated gif of moveable walls revealing a bunk bed built into the wall


Ok, so this is just a normal studio apartment you ask? Not really, because the wall on the left is an actual moving wall. When you have the wall pulled open completely, a transforming bunk bed pulls down for guests when they come visit. Storage is actually hidden in the moving wall. Is this enough storage? I guess it depends on how many things you have?

Is this livable? If you are a single young professional or even a young couple who are super neat and organized with few possessions, then yes! Hey, Graham Hill lived there. Heck I would definitely live there with my wife and dog in a heartbeat. We currently only live in a 366 sq-ft apartment in Hong Kong.

However this LifeEdited apartment did cost an arm and a leg to build. The Goliath console table we mentioned, held a pretty hefty price tag when we saw it. Graham Hill also chose to use the best & most sustainable materials out there in the market.

For us, this apartment represents the potential for more well designed/transformable apartments for the future in this city. We hope that architects and designers can continue to push government urban planners & private developers to create amazingly functional space. Sure this apartment along with Gary Chang’s apartment is like a concept car, but we can make this reality.

Here in Hong Kong we have been living small for decades, and we deserve to live like the above example. We hope to be messengers of what Gary Chang and Graham Hill hope to do. We hope to start more conversations of such clever design to inspire entrepreneurs to make this way of living more cheap and accessible. We hope to show you all through considerate design and a more conscientious lifestyle, living small can actually feel big in Hong Kong.

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