It’s been 8 months of using Hush Home’s All Season Duvet and on this post we give you our honest opinion about how it has faired during this past spring, summer and thus far during the fall. Here is our Hush Home’s All Season Duvet Review.

The Duvet Specs

First let’s get acquainted with the specs. The All Season Duvet is made of a hypoallergienic microfiber fill, which mimics the insulating properties of natural down yet still offers breathability. It is priced at $780 HKD. 

Hush Home All-Season Duvet Microfibre Fill

The Duvet Cover (Some Details)

I paired the duvet with their duvet cover(priced at $710HKD) so I can enjoy the entire experience. It’s made from a one over four sateen weave, allowing the sheet to be smooth and supple. The details of the cover are nice, particularly the nice HUGE button to close up the the cover! However, there was one slight let down to the cover, as the button fell off after 1 week of use. Not sure if anyone else had this same issue? No big deal though, I sewed it back on.

Another issue was actually buttoning up the duvet cover. It felt clumsy and I was little annoyed by this approach at first, but it wasn’t a big deal. With everything it just takes getting used to.

The Comfort Test

We started using the duvet in March, so temperatures then were still cool enough to open the window(14C-18C). I wouldn’t say it was cold, but definitely not hot enough for the air conditioning yet. At first use, the duvet does remind you of that luxe, crisp and smooth feeling you get sleeping on a hotel bed. So HushHome did an awesome job with the duvet cover here. However if you like duvet covers that feel like you are sleeping in your favourite PJs or sweats, this ain’t it. You’ll be better off finding that worn in feeling from Muji’s collection.

When all covered up, the duvet felt cozy and fluffy yet light. It was a great snuggly experience. In my first two weeks, the duvet did regulate my body temperature very well. I didn’t wake up sticky or sweaty at all!

Use it with A/C or no A/C?

The real test began when we started edging towards summer. You know, when the temperature gets you to start asking yourself, “Should I turn on the A/C or not?” So I came up with a plan: Turn on the A/C 20 to 30 minutes so I can cool the room down first. Then when it was time to hop into bed, I turned off the A/C and opened my windows slightly. So was this a good strategy?

Well, in the middle of the night I woke up hot and sweaty. I had to kick away the sheets. I turned on the fan as a compromise. Nope still HOT.  Eventually I gave up opening the windows and turned on the A/C. I tried my plan for two more nights and both nights I ended up kicking off the duvet. 

A Quality Duvet and Duvet Cover, but your Room temperature is important

However, I won’t point the finger to the duvet for feeling hot. Let’s be completely realistic here. Many Hong Kong apartment buildings aren’t well insulated and the summer temperatures along with the humidity can be unbearable. So I scrapped my original plan and turned on my Box A/C. The duvet felt great, but I still felt hot and cold in the middle of the night. The biggest takeaway is that I didn’t get sweaty, the breath-ability of the blanket works just as advertised. The main issue with me getting hot is mainly due to my Box A/C. You know – the annoying part of the night when the A/C turns off for a bit and then switches back on? I guess that’s why they invented the Nest thermostat for a reason. 

During the summer, the duvet paired well with my A/C being on through out the night and now that we are into fall I just keep the A/C on until I wake up and feel kind of cold. That’s when I switch it off. This has actually worked better and I haven’t felt hot or sweaty when I wake up in the morning.

The Spring to Fall Conclusion:

Overall the HushHome All Season Duvet is a good product. It’s successful at giving you a luxurious, fluffy and cozy 5 star hotel like experience if that is what you are looking for. If you get hot easily like me, you may still feel warm at times. But this largely has to due with regulating room temperature, and has nothing to due with the duvet. The duvet does regulate body temperature well, just as advertised.

Hush Home White All-Season Duvet

The Duvet is great for Hong Kong’s climate and an obvious space saver(big bonus). We’ll make sure to update this post when we wrap up the winter season! 

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