Even if you are a renter, custom furniture is probably the best way for you to maximise every square foot of your space. Here is a step by step guide on how to get custom furniture made in Hong Kong.

Step 1: Measure

Measure the floor plan and the walls, including the placement of permanent fixtures like windows and switches

Step 2: Draw

With your measurements, draw that floor plan and how the walls look like. Extra tip here, centimetres could be the unit of choice. However, lots of local firms go by feet and inches. Bonus: Taking pictures of the room will also help

Step 3: Research

Find furniture pieces that you have in mind on the internet. Pin these examples on Pinterest or save them onto your camera roll. They are perfect references for you to show the design consultant later.

Step 4: Find a custom furniture shop

There are actually many out there, but these three places will get you sorted.

Place 1: Java Road in North Point

Place 2: Ma Tau Wan Road in To Kwa Wan

Place 3: Kwun Tong Industrial District. Specifically Kwun Tong Industrial Centre (Phase 1 & 2) and the CamelPaint Buildings.

You’ll find many places lined up in the mentioned street in Place 1 & 2. But for Place 3, you’ll have to hop between the buildings to find custom furniture shops. Make sure you visit a few places and ask for base prices first. It makes sense to find a place that offers you the best deal right?

Step 5: Design Consultation

When you have committed to a place, show the design consultant what you’ve done in Step 2 & 3. The main purpose is to have them understand your needs quickly. Some design consultants are a bit weary of their spoken English too. So if you have lots of pictures to show them, they’ll feel more at ease and you’ll probably get better service too.

Step 6: Design Consultation [The Mock UP]

After understanding your needs, the design consultant will show you a binder with past examples that they have made that are similar to your ideas. Then they’ll produce a hand sketched perspective drawing in 5 MINUTES TIME! Shout out to old school hand drawings!

Step 7: Booking a Measurement visit and Putting down a Deposit

After finalizing the materials and cost of your build, you’ll need to book a measurement visit from the shop’s carpenter. You’ll also need to put down a deposit which generally is about 20-30% of the total cost. Note, some places don’t take credit cards!

Step 8: Carpenter Visit

The visit itself is quick smart because the carpenter is at your place to just measure. So, make sure you take this opportunity to communicate with him if their are any further adjustments, because he is won’t really won’t say much

Step 9: The Delivery

It will normally take a month to have the furniture made and shipped to Hong Kong. The custom furniture shop will contact you when the bed has arrived Hong Kong and ask you when they can install it.

Step 10: Installation

It takes 30 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the complexity of the build. Yes, they can remove your old furniture for you, but they’ll most likely tack on a 500HKD.

Overall I was impressed with how seamless and efficient the whole process is. There you have it, our guide on how to get custom furniture made here in Hong Kong.

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