Finally a furniture retailer that carries transforming furniture in Hong Kong. It’s surprising that it took so long in a city that is so limited in space!

The hidden bed range that Pricerite carries is limited, but we commend them for pushing this forward.  At the moment this is perfect for family with young children, allowing them ample desk space for academia driven Hong Kong. We like the Maxima the most as it allows for a variety of storage and the bed is a double in size.

It isn’t cheap as it starts from 13,999 HKD, but it isn’t unreasonable in price. We have seen the beds in action and the mechanisms are fairly intuitive and have a 5 year warranty. You can pair this system with a fold up chair to really maximize space. We think it’s a great long term investment and most importantly, it really helps you save space! We already loved our transforming coffee/dining table. Imagine this!? We hope this picks up steam as transforming apartments in Hong Kong make complete sense!


Transforming bed in bed form Transforming bed in desk form

Go visit Pricerite and have a look for yourself. Trust us, you will leave amazed.

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