Many pieces of furniture in Hong Kong have an expiry date, especially for renters who need to move frequently due to the ever increasing rental rates! We have written about an apartment adapting to our needs, but what about furniture that can adapt to a family’s needs over time? Here are two examples great examples

Furniture that transforms function over time

Gro Furniture’s crib redefines form and function as your child grows. When you take a look at the video, its amazing how the crib can transform into a bed and then turn into an actual desk. Now obviously it’s hard to imagine how such a piece will work proportionally in a smaller bed room, but we appreciate how thoughtful Gro is. Hong Kong’s landfill is running out of space, and we are advocates of keeping quality items within your budget. Not quite sure if they are up and running anymore because their hasn’t been any updates on their Facebook page for awhile. However, if more designers and entreprenuers push such producst forward, we will have less waste!


The award-winning Tripp Trapp Chair is one item that not only helps you save space over time but is beautifully thoughtful. A wonderful back story behind this as well; a grandfather wanting their grandchild to always sit at an appropriate level at home. Not to mention, you probably don’t have to buy all these different height chairs when your child continues to grow. All you need to do is adjust the seat and foot rest level and your child will always be at a comfortable height and not have their legs always dangle. Stokke carries this chair and you can buy it from Mothercare. We were wonderfully gifted this chair second hand, for our firstborn and it’s been amazing. Call me overly enthusiastic, but I will be using this chair at least in my lifetime – something I find quite beautiful.

There is not only a lot of intuition behind these pieces, but a lot of love behind it too. With such considerate design, small space living becomes enjoyable and sentimental!

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*Update May 2018