With the upcoming Chinese New Year coming and my apartment becoming more cramped, I started a #spacedoutcnydeclutterchallenge on 20 January. I’m now on Day 8 of this challenge and quite frankly, it’s been uplifting but at times it could be wow…how do I sort this out?  Here are four things I have learnt in my Declutter Challenge so far

Appreciate the Prcoess

The first few days were quite motivating and I was well into it, but on Day 4 – I little bit of dread crept in. In order to ease this dread, I “started with why” as Simon Sinek put it. I started this challenge to clean out the old and bring in the new for CNY and also I just REALLY want my small space to have more space and for it to be a place of calm too. This got me to appreciate the process more and understand it’s a cleansing process.

Flip Flop Tasks

So in the mornings I have a bit more time to myself. But my previous activities consisted of watching youtube videos and reading the news (News these days are all NEGATIVE!). I realized that these activities are really nothing bad, however they can be replaced by decluttering. So whether it was 10 minutes or 20 minutes, some form of decluttering is more essential to what I’d like to accomplish RIGHT NOW.

Take Small Steps

Although decluttering at one go over a short period of time is ideal a la the Konmari method, it’s not ideal for me at this very moment with kids and work. So the idea of taking small steps have made the process more manageable. My home wasn’t a complete lost cause to begin with to be honest, so taking small steps of decluttering works for me right now.

I love my Muji Storage Unit

So my first week of this challenge revolved around my Muji storage unit. Life got busy as parents and well – 2020, I just began piling things here and there on the unit. Lucky I have this unit because it made bringing things back to order easy. It’s just such a versatile unit because we can store so many different types of things. I love this unit lots!

By the way if you were wondering what method I use, I largely use the Konmari method based on her book, the Life Changing Magic of Tidying up, but tweaked it to my own personal and family schedule and habits.

So those are the four things I’ve learnt so far and I’ll have another one of these after week! What about you, are you guys going to do a bit of tidying up and decluttering before Chinese New Year. Leave a coment below.

Live small comfortably

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