This post is all about Murphy beds and the great thing is that they are becoming more accessible. We couldn’t be more thrilled about this because in our small apartments, flexibility is KEY. And wall beds are wonderful options in helping us to not only sleep, but to clear up much needed floor space when we need to do other things. So where can we find ‘em? Here are Four Places that sell Wall Beds in Hong Kong.

Price-rite Transformer Furniture

It makes perfect sense that Hong Kong’s very own domestic home furnishings and appliance store carry wall beds. In my understanding, they were one of the first furniture places to sell wall beds and make them more affordable and accessible. Their beds are at a very reasonable price point too. For a standard double bed(48” x 72”) with no extra storage or added fixtures, it cost 11,999HKD. Obviously you can upgrade the bed with different storage options, sofas, pull down desk, but that will take the price up near the 20000 HKD range. 

But you won’t beat the price point and convenience! With many branches across Hong Kong and the fact you can order it on HKTV mall, Price-rite has got it right for space starved Hong Kongers. [Video via Pricerite Youtube]

WallBed HK

They have been around for over a few years now and they have tapped into a niche – affordable and highly customizable wall beds. Firstly, let’s talk a little bit about their hardware. They carry an American company’s Murphy Wallbed Systems parts ( Spring Balance lift mechanism(patented)). This is a different feeling to a hydraulic gas lift, but it works just as well and equally as smooth. The price range starts at 21,500 HKD, but again it’s highly customizable. Plus they take care of storage needs too. They can even help you with building platform storage underneath your wall bed –  a double space saver.  (See bed in action @ 5 min 30sec of the video) [Video @ WallBed]

Spaceman Hong Kong

We featured their range of Wall beds and transforming furniture a year ago and we came away impressed with their exceptional quality and wide range of highly customizable options for the beds finishes. All their furniture are manufactured from Italy and not to mention, all their furniture look, feel and work great. At the most basic form, a single wall bed with no extra fittings will start at around 18000HKD. But once you start customizing, that’s when it gets more expensive.  [Video @ Spaceman Youtube]

Clei Hong Kong Kong

This is like the Ferrari of the transforming furniture industry, but it’s well deserved. Their company has been around for over 50 years. They put safety and engineering as the main ethos to what they do and material choices of the beds are customizable. Some say they are the originators of the transforming furniture industry. With this being said you will pay in the upper ranges of 30k and upwards, but you are getting Italian engineering and quality at its best. So if you feel more comfortable with a long running business with a great reputation, the price you pay is very well worth it. [Video @ Clei Youtube]

So there you have it, those are the four places that sell wall beds in Hong Kong! 


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