When you make the move into a small apartment, you probably ask yourself, “I’m only going to be here for a few years and I am just renting, why do I have to invest in expensive furniture?” Yes, that’s true, but you shouldn’t overlook comfort in your home, particularly for a small space. Hong Kong is a fast paced city and work can be stressful. So it’s important to find your idea of comfort in your small apartment.

Find your Comfort with a Mind Map

I am a teacher by trade and one of the things I ask my students to do before starting a project is to make a mind map. A mind map is a visual planning tool which helps you organize your ideas before you start a task. It’s not only limited to school work but any situation you need more clarity in. So take 20 minutes out of your time to mind map what makes you feel comfortable at home.

Making your Mind Map

Mind map defining comfort in small space

Start with the broader concepts that make a comfortable home. Is it coziness? Is it good lighting? Once you have done so, write down the specifics to help you create the atmosphere you want. For example, for good lighting, maybe a smart light bulb can go under this category to optimize your preferred lighting tones. It all comes down to you and your definition of comfort.

Following your Mind Map

Now that you have created your mind map, use it! Hopefully, it will help you make better decisions for furniture and home accessories. It even can help you follow good routines for maintaining a clean and tidy apartment.

This mind map shouldn’t be carved in stone however but serve as a starting point and then a reminder on how to live small. As you live in your small space, your habits change. My habits 5 years ago and now are a lot different. For example, with a toddler, a newborn and a dog, it’s very difficult to maintain a neat and tidy home at all times. That’s why under the category calm and relaxing, I make a note to clear up as much as possible in at the end of the evening. Maybe my mind map will be different in 6 months time so I’ll definitely revisit and readjust my mindmap.

Toy Box

For a small space, maintaining your comfort is very important because if you don’t, things will feel claustrophobic real quickly. So I highly recommend you all to mind map a vision of your small apartment, that way you can live small comfortably.

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