I once lived in a studio that was around 150 sq-ft. The space itself was a very usable rectangular floor plan in an old walk up building. I had a cheap double sofa bed from Ikea, a cloth wardrobe, two desks, a mini kitchen, and a mini water closet (yes…one where you showered and did your business in the same space). It was for a short amount of time and I am appreciative of my time there, but the experience was quite literally, dark and dreary.

No windows you ask? No – I had windows! They ran along the length of the wall, but the view definitely wasn’t very desirable. I stared at a concrete-pale yellow wall everyday because I faced the alley. I tried to make it better with small planters and a fish tank, but still, I just couldn’t brighten my place up. With such a small space and little natural light, it can easily make you feel unmotivated and lethargic.
Hong Kong alley

Why did I bring this story up? Well because I came across a product that would have helped my problem immensely.

The CoeLux artificial skylight is simply amazing. The lights were developed over the course of a decade by Paolo Di Trapani, a physicist at Como’s Insubria University. It mimics the pattern of the sun as it grazes across the baby blue sky! The cool thing is you can choose which part of the world you’d like to experience the sun; The Tropics, The Nordic, or The Mediterranean. At the moment it’s in the market for healthcare facilities (wonderful), but they will be applying it to many more interior spaces.

This light is obviously too big for a tiny space and way too pricey at the moment. But imagine if it was in a smaller scale…oh how much joy would it give us small space dwellers! Lighting is so essential when making a small space feel bigger. Enjoy the video because its “gonna be a bright, bright, sun shiny day!’

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