When we moved into our new apartment we needed more space to hang dry our hand washed clothes. We mostly take our clothes to a laundromat conveniently located downstairs in our apartment block. But as you know there are some items of clothing or bed sheets that needs to be washed with extra care. So we wanted to look for a DIY solution for our small space.

There have many many occasions where we were walking around Aeon or Apita (both popular Japanese department stores in Hong Kong) and wondered, “What’s the deal with all these tension rods.” After looking at the diagrams we definitely had an “Aha!” moment. But were skeptical, “Can it support the weight of so many clothes?” We ended up not buying it.

But there was a day where when I was walking my chow chow, Ruby, we got caught in the rain. We ended up using a lot of towels wiping Ruby off. Unfortunately we didn’t have anywhere to really hang dry our wet towels. It was Sunday evening and the laundromat was closed. On the next day I went to our nearest hardware store(“Mmm Gum Pou” –> cantonese pronunciation) and found a terrific tension rod that can extend to 5 ft (1.5 meters) and hold up to 44 lbs (20 kg).

Hong Kong hardware store

We placed it directly on top of our shower stall and its been great! We were even able to hang a bed sheet on it!  It is probably best to use the tension rod in combination with a shower cubicle. The frame reinforces the weight a bit more.  So far it has not collapsed on us and we are very happy about the extra hanging space.

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