One of my favorite TV shows in Hong Kong is 安樂蝸 or Own Sweet Home from TVB. They feature the design ingenuity of the many interior designers, architects and regular Hong Kong people here. So we’d like to highlight and share some of their ideas to you all on a regular basis.

This particular episode features a couple named Ivan Wong and Ana Lai and they recently moved into a 296 sq ft apartment in Yau Ma Tei. Mr, designed by Minds House Interior Design. Wong mentioned something that I feel epitomizes what Hong Kong people face.  He said,

To be realistic, the size of the place is not ideal but in order for us to see our dream home come to fruition, no matter how small, if we don’t take the first step, our dreams will never come true

That first step is to live super small first(cuz that’s what we can afford at the moment) and eventually move to a home that is a tad bigger. Due to this reason, many focus on making their small home as lovely, comfy and efficient as possible for their lifestyle right now. Here are 4 things that stood out for us.

The Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning tools are often not designed for small space living and we think it is awesome that it is featured in the drop off area of their home. The Dyson vacuum is one of those beautiful pieces of engineering that caters to small spaces as it is slim, wireless yet powerful. Who wouldn’t display it like an art piece? Awesome!

Green sofa in small living room. Dyson featured in wall unit

TVB – Own Sweet Home (screenshot)

The Pull out Ironing Board

Come on – what? This is so cool. The ironing board pulls out and folds down. The host mentions that after you finish ironing, you just place it back into your wardrobe.

Gray pullout ironing board with TVB show host

TVB – Own Sweet Home (screenshot)

Hidden Pantry and Cutting Surface

Small kitchen? No problem. Maximize function by having features that pull out and pushed back in when not in use. Ms. Lai mentioned she likes cooking and in fact many people cook at home in Hong Kong. The key is scale. Notice that the ovens are smaller in size because she is mostly cooking for two.

Hidden pantry and stainless steel work surface in small kitchen

TVB – Own Sweet Home (screenshot)

Pull Out Dining Table and Chairs

Having a table that can be partially tucked away is nice because in a small space, it’s important to still have a horizontal surface to use(glass of water). We also like how the dining table has a little nook for snacks and drinks. The dining chairs are also a great touch as they blend right into the storage unit when tucked in. And yes, that is a fridge in the living space. Get used to it, because many people do this in Hong Kong based on necessity.

White colored living and dining space with green sofa

TVB – Own Sweet Home (screenshot)

White table with wooden top and two dining chairs that pull out

TVB – Own Sweet Home

Hong Kong gets a lot of bad press regarding the small sizes of our apartments and rightfully so. But you have to admire the many who live here, because they work really hard to turn a bad situation into a good one. The show is in cantonese, but the video speaks for itself. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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