After returning to Hong Kong from Melbourne, Australia, ideas were abound. For those of you who are coming to Hong Kong to live, don’t be surprised that you won’t have enough space to put your suitcases. They are actually huge space eaters, hogging up important real estate. That’s why we think collapsible suitcases are perfect for Hong Kong.

Muji Collapsible Suitcase

When we saw this we just said, “Yes Please!” This is what Hong Kong needs. Great intuitive designs that really make living small a better experience. From the video below you can see that the luggage can fold into half its size. This makes it perfect to store under sofas, beds or even on the the top shelf of your wardrobe. The suitcase comes with an accompanying carry on bag that is collapsible and can easily attach to the handle of the suitcase. It comes in two different colors(black and light grey) and sizes(large and small) and are available at Muji in Hong Kong already. We absolutely love the price point at 780 to 980 HKD.


We have followed this brand before and they were the first company to have collapsible luggages. They have now expanded their range of products and it’s super easy to order a suitcase from their website. It retails for a little over 2000 HKD so it’s definitely a bit more pricey. But it’s worth looking into when living small.


This carry-on suitcase was a Kickstarter success story which crowdfunded over $2 million in 2015. It comes with all the bells and whistles. USB port, revolutionary swivel handle, laptop tray just to name a few. For us, we obviously love the fact that they can fold slim(4 inches) for easy storage and the added touch of a convenient hanging case. It retails at approximately 2700-2900HKD depending on shipping. We hope they can come with a larger range of suitcases and at a cheaper price point as our priority here is to save space. With that being said, the Barracuda is awesome and worth the buy if you travel lots.

So what if you already have suitcases that aren’t collapsible?

We definitely don’t leave suitcases empty as they are storage. So we pack seasonal wear or any other items we won’t need for the time being. I was lucky enough to have my suitcase fit nice and snug into a storage area I had in mind. When it was time for me to purchase a new suitcase because my old one broke, I measured how tall and wide the storage area was first. Then I went and bought a suitcase within those dimensions. Yes I measured my new suitcase before buying. You read that right.

If you want to live small comfortably, always consider and even measure how much storage space you have before purchasing anything.

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