For many people living in Hong Kong, a well designed 350 sq-ft apartment is a dream come true. When you factor in our neighborhoods with numerous amenities, living small can work for many couples. But what if you add 10 adorable cats into this mix? You’ve got a challenge on your hands to say the least. This was one of the design parameters Blackdot Interior Design Studio had to face when renovating this apartment. Here are some things to take note of, in this cleverly designed small apartment for a couple and their 10 cats.

Catwalk in the Ceiling

Cats obviously feel very comfortable scaling tall heights. So why not incorporate something with their habits in mind? Check this literal ‘catwalk’ that spans along the ceiling. The ingenuity behind this design feature is that it takes no physical footprint, which is important when living in a small apartment. Must be cool watching cats ‘strut their stuff’. (image screen cap: TVB)

Multi-functional Stairway Wall Unit

What a neat way to design a wall unit that serves many purposes. First, the unit acts as a stairway to the catwalks attached to the ceiling. But wait, check out the cut outs in the stairs which act as cozy sleeping nooks for the furry felines. If you look even closer, extra storage is concealed behind the steps. The bottom portions are left for cat crates and food supplies. (images screen cap: TVB)

Move further along and you’ll see the tv console, desk and bookshelves. So where does the couple eat? Check out this awesome hidden dining table on castors that you pull out! This wall unit not only is visually appealing but an amazing organizational powerhouse. 

Rezoning Areas

The original floor plan wasn’t sustainable for all the homeowners, so Anson (Blackdot Designer) rezoned the rooms in a much more user friendly way. (floor plans @ Blackdot Interior Design)

The apartment itself is a symmetrical rectangle, so this allowed for Anson the opportunity to place rooms in a much clearer way. He zoned half of the apartment for shared spaces (living, dining). While the other half caters for private and utility spaces (kitchen and bath). You can tell a lot of thought was put into the proportion and scale of the many architectural elements of this apartment.

Open and Closed Kitchen

Another smart design decision involved the kitchen. Compared to the old one, this one is a lot bigger physically and visually. Having the glass partition allows for the space to feel more expansive. The pairing of the black metal frames for the glass partition is consistent with the metal frames of the wall unit, which allows for more visual uniformity. (image screen cap: TVB)

Make Room for Two Rooms

The owner wanted a space for work on top of having a bedroom. Not to worry, Anson was able to make this happen. This is made possible because of a few key details: sliding doors, platform storage floors and smart use of storage on the walls. (images @ Blackdot Interior Design)

1) Space Saving Sliding doors

2) Platform Storage in work room and bedroom

3) Check out this customized pegboard for this impressive collection of the “Lots o Huggin” Teddies and other Teddy paraphernalia in the work room. Meanwhile a floor to ceiling wardrobe was implemented in the bedroom to hide away clothes. The light fixture at the bed head is a great touch to add much needed light for the space.

Per square meter or square feet, I always feel Hong Kong has the best collection of architects and interior designers for small spaces in the world. Anson from Blackdot Interior Design Studio is clearly one of them – designing a happy small home for a family of twelve.

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