Do you need more storage space for your apartment but don’t want to spend lots of money. Here are two great budget friendly vertical storage options:


They are not just for the garage but can be so versatile in small spaces, namely in the kitchen. It provides ample storage as it efficiently uses vertical space. Plus there are a whole assortment of different hooks you can attach. This idea for the kitchen was conceptualized by Julia Child and guess what? It’s in the Smithsonian. Hey, if you are a home cook, be proud and show off your tools right?

Julia Childs sitting in front of kitchen peg board

Metal Grids

If you can’t find a pegboard because well, they are hard to find here, metal grids work just fine. You’ll be able to find these in Living Plaza by Aeon and also different hardware stores. They come with a variety of little shelves and baskets so it adds flexibility to your storage. The grids are meant to store lighter items so make sure you don’t overload it. You can store heavier things too, but double check that you have a strong enough metal grid and wall anchors.

Metal grid board with photos of plants

These are two pocket friendly ways of adding more storage to your small space. The downside is that you have to be a neat and tidy person. But the upside is that it forces you to be neat and tidy as your items are on display. Do you agree with us? Are there more ingenious and affordable ideas you want to share? Leave a comment below.

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*Updated June 2018