Recently I have been actively engaging in the #spacedoutcnydeclutter challenge and I expressed my love for the Wooden Stacking Shelf from Muji. I love it so much I think it’s the best storage unit for small spaces in Hong Kong, in particular for renters. Let me tell you my 5 REASONS!

Reason 1: It’s foot Print Friendly Profile

At a 28.5 cm in profile this storage unit is foot print friendly. Think about it, that profile is even slimmer than your standard 12 inch ruler, yet it can be such a storage powerhouse. Other standard storage units are roughly around 40 cm. When you live small 10-12 centimeters is really really noticeable. I still haven’t come across something like this in Hong Kong so for me it is still hands down the best storage unit around!

Reason 2: It’s Modular and therefore very versatile

This storage unit works as a system. From large boxes for shoes or bags to small ones that store binders and paper clips, you’ll be happy to know that everything eventually will fit into the unit. So long as you buy their different types of storage boxes. Yes and that is great, but to be honest it can become a little expensive if your budget is tight. Personally I’ve stuck with Muji products well cuz one, I guess I’m a fan but also I just don’t want to measure. At the store I literally just take some of their boxes, fiddle around with the arrangement on their shelf…and bam I’m sorted (literally)

Reason 3: It’s Easy to Shop for

I mentioned it in reason two one of the reasons why it’s easy to shop for. But that fact that Muji brands itself with a minimilistic color palette helps me out quite a bit. I am going to admit, I am not that good with color combinations! I just don’t really get it. So for example, I opted for a pulp storage box before because I didn’t want to spend too much money. Unfortunately, the thing about these boxes is that the metal holders fall off way too easily, and it prevents you from pushing the boxes in effortlessly. Fortunately they are easily replaceable and I can up the quality to a rattan box without having to think too much about choices! So it’s a win in my eyes.

Reason 4: It’s Good Quality

Funny I write this hear when I just complained about the pulp boxes. But the actual unit itself is great quality. The planks in the storage unit has two long holes drilled lengthwise into it. They are for the two metal dowels that give the wooden stack shelf some extra support and strength. When I saw this during installation I was very impressed. Yes the shelf is a bit more expensive compared to other brands, but I haven’t seen anything quite like it elsewhere! Rest assured you will get a sturdy unit, and yes they also of L brack wall anchors for added support!

Reason 5: It’s Easy to Assemble and Reassemble

All you need is an allen wrench, and if you have an electric one – you are good. So if you don’t have to worry that this Muji Wooden Stack Shelf not fitting into the elevator!

Overall this storage unit is of great quality, versatile and because of it’s slim profile – perfect for small apartments. Yes it can be expensive and the quality of the storage boxes can be better, but hey the more affordable the storage box option, you will lose out on something. I still love it, but what about you? let me know what you think by leaving a comment below. Is there a storage unit out there as good?

Live small comfortably

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